Peru’s new structure

IFA7 Peru has been restructure with the aim to provide the opportunity to participate for more players on IFA7 events in the country. The new national structure starts with the capital city of Lima, which has been divided into quadrants for better coverage in Peru’s capital.

Each quadrant will host tournaments covering their area, which will end up with the champion on all the different divisions from youth all the way to adults. Once the champions have been defined, then a national competition will take place which will include provinces from all over Peru, and the champions will earn the right to represent Peru at the international stage.

Mr. Marco Cabrejos was appointed by IFA7 president Daniel Balcorta, who stated that this new structural system will reach more areas in Peru than ever before and provide the possibility for all to participate just like IFA7’s slogan, “IFA7 Everyone’s Game”. He also mentioned he is really happy with the new president of IFA7 in Peru, Mr. Marco Cabrejos who has vast experience in developing football in the country and particularly at the youth stage.